Newsletter – March 2002

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Is Your Toilet Paper the Problem?

How you can know?

What you want in toilet paper, at least as far as your sewer goes, is that once it is flushed down, it breaks apart! This becomes even more important if you have a water saver or low flow toilet.

So to test your paper, place a handful in the toilet or a bowl of water and stir it up very rapidly! It should break up into small pieces. If it does not, get rid of it! Or, you and I will become better friends than you would like.

The Sewerman’s choices are:

  • Angel Soft or Soft & Gentle

Crappy toilet paper list:

  • Charmin
  • Northern
  • Cottonelle‎
  • White Cloud
  • Scott: Is hit & miss

No matter what you use, you should test it every 6 months or so to make sure it has not changed the way it is being made.
I have spoken with Charmin’s head scientist and explained what I am finding. He told me about their poly fiber content & break down ratio. I told him to put some in water and stir it up. Guess my way is too simple!


I really doubt it! Flushable is the new marketing catch term. They claim KITTY LITTER, WET WIPES & TAMPONS are all flushable. Test it to see, but more times than not, it will not be. Just because it goes down, does not mean it will go away!


The Samson plungers are in! Now we are the only place in town you can get them. Cause all plungers are Not! Created equal. If it is not a Samson, it is a aerobic tool that will help you break a sweat and give you a blister, but that’s it! Every house needs a good plunger!


What is a garbage disposal for? Besides keeping me employed, not much! If you must use one though, then there are things you can do so we don’t become too good of friends.

First thing is that less is always better. Use lots of water. Stay away from anything leafy or stringy. Only fill your disposal up to a 1/3 of capacity then run water for about 10 sec, even after you turn off your disposal. Big trouble things are POTATO PEELS, PASTA, & RICE.


Water savers are plain trouble for many reasons. Most important is that 1.6 gallons is just enough to make the toilet flush, but not enough to carry anything to the street! Cheats. Yes, some water savers can be cheated to use more water. If it has a weighted flapper, replace it with a non-weighted. You can add a piece of tubing to the overflow tube to raise the water level in the tank. These cheats may cause your toilet to double flush, but it is volume that your sewer needs.

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